Tales of Pirates: Patch Notes

IGG (http://www.igg.com) has announced a new client patch of Tales of Pirates Online (http://top.igg.com). Let’s take a quick look changing of this update version patch. In this updating, some new features have been added as below:

1. New Sever
The eleventh sever named Red Sea is opened in the second region of Tales of Pirates on Wednesday, September 04, 2007.

2. Anti-botter System
It will be functioning in all battle areas and PvP zones, we’ll further improve the system according to its effects and your opinions, and you could tell us your feelings about it in the forum.

3. New activity adding: Legendary Tree of Fortune
Got tired of mobs killing? Want to make some extra gain? Then, jump into the Legendary Tree of Fortune Activity. As long as you have learnt lumbering skill, generous exp, reward and fortune is waiting for you. Do not hesitate, recruit your team, and enjoy the fun that the Legendary Tree of Fortune Activity brings.

1. There 4 Legendary Trees of Fortune located in Argent City hundoria Castle, Icicle Castle, Shaitan City, there 4 Legendary Trees of Fortune.
2. Players could use axe to cut the Legendary Tree of Fortune. However, only 25 players could cut the Legendary Tree of Fortune at the same time.
3. While cutting the Legendary Tree of Fortune, there will some odds to get “Lucy Pack”, “Rich Pack” and “Fortune Pack”.
4. Double click these three packs, you will get 8 coins, 1 red paper and any one of the consumption item.

For more information, please check http://top.igg.com/info.php?articleId=576

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