Tales of Pirates: Prison Island Now Open

A new map called Prison Island, a special place where you can enjoy extreme PK, is now available in Tales of Pirates. There is no beautiful scenery, only ferocious monsters everywhere. You are supposed to survive on this dark, desolate island, and fight against any potential enemies.

How to get in the “Prison”

  1. Buy a Arrest Warrant in the Item Mall
  2. Choose a target and use the Arrest Warrant.
  3. After verification, the target character will be sent to the prison.
  4. Your spawn place will be arranged on Prison Island


  1. Your character should not have any effects that forbid you from being sent to the prison.
  2. Your backpack should contain a Good Guy Card or a The Running of Time.

How to get out of the “Prison”

  1. You should ask the warden to give you a prison record card, and put it in the third slot of your backpack. After you’ve stayed in the prison for 1 hour, you use the card to have the warden send you out.
  2. You will have a chance to obtain a Release Warrant after defeating small and big bosses.
  3. You can buy a Release Warrant in the Item Mall.
  4. After you get out of the Prison, your spawn place will be arranged at one of the 3 main cities
  5. After you get out of the prison, you will not be allowed to go back to the prison for 1 hour.
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