Tales of Pirates Retrospect

Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com/), a 3D MMORPG based on cute characters and eye-catching storylines, quickly created a huge following for itself since its debut on March 15th. Ever since the first server Rainbow Isle was launched, growth has exploded to include 2 big sections and 12 servers after only 8 months (the 13th server will be launched before Christmas). Nowadays, tons of pirates are enjoying the fun and sharing loot with other friends in game.

In Game:
As a 3D MMORPG, ToP prides itself on its cute characters, a unique backdrop of cute pirate lives, and complete battle mode which contains sea battles, land battles and sea and land battles together. In addition, the game uses a real-time battle system, which definitely promotes the glamour of the game.

Ever since ToP was first launched, the ToP team has tried every means to enrich the game, and in doing so they have launched some expansions such as the popular “Spring Town Chapter” with eastern mystery features and the “Caribbean Chapter” featuring some of history’s most notorious and famous pirates’ In Sept, they also launched “Union War”.

Another special feature of the game is that the ToP GMs often hold various fun-filled activities to entertain players. So far they have held more than 1 thousand activities, with fun for everyone. Some require a lot of courage and intelligence such as “Treasure Hunting” and “May Day Card Activity” and some require a true spirit of team work such as the “Shaitan Defensive Battle” and “Phantom Army Attack” and some are really funny such as the “Streaking Race” and “Hide & Seek”.

With Christmas coming soon, the ToP team wants players to have a memorable Christmas, so they will be holding some activities including, “Challenge the Black Dragon, Win Advanced Equipment” in Dec. ToP GMs will organize players into teams to challenge the powerful Black Dragon during the holidays. In late Dec, the ToP team will be holding some Christmas activities, with the highlight being the “Christmas Village” filled with happiness that is open to all players.

In March and June next year, the ToP team will release two expansions which will feature “Character Reborn”, “Marriage”, and “Holy War”, and simultaneously many captivating activities are being planned.

Out of Game:
During these past 8 months, apart from the continuous update of the game, ToP had also organized some special events such as the “Promoter System” and “Reputation for Bonus”. The first one will offer players various big rewards if they recommend their friends to play the game, while the second one will offer players a bonus if they lead their friends to play the game.
In addition, many forum activities have been held, such as the “Screenshot Contest”, “Video Contest”, “Costume Design Contest” and so on. Even when the server is under maintenance, ToP still holds activities such as the “Smartest Pirates” and “Forum Auction” for players to kill time.
In the near future,a ToP Auction similar to the eBay Auction System will be released , which will enable players to use Reputation to bid on some advanced equipment, and a “GM Election System” will be released soon as well, by which some players will have a chance to experience the feeling of being GMs.

ToP is always trying to bring continuous changes to keep players interested and having fun, so we hope you’ll be playing ToP with us for a long time to come!

Happy Holiday’s from everyone at IGG and Tales of Pirates!

Visit the official ToP website for more information: http://top.igg.com/index.php

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