Tales of Pirates: September Official Activities Prevue

IGG (http://www.igg.com) is pleased to announce a series of new activities have been added to Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) to meet our Players’ needs below:

Treasure Hunter
GMs will drop some treasure somewhere in the world! Useful hints will be provided, and only the first lucky finder can get the treasure!

Top Top Octopus
Want to challenge GMs? Want to get big money and sweet gifts? Okay! GMs will play Rock, Paper, Scissors (which we call Top Top Octopus) with you, 5 straight victories will get a big prize.

Streaking racing
You think you are tough enough, if you are self-confidence enough, take off your armor…
Let’s do a streaking marathon with the GMs together! Everyone who successfully finishes the marathon will get a big reward!

May Day Card exchange
There will be two more times only to exchange May Day Cards, if you got a lot of May Day Cards, come for nice exchange!! Do not miss it!!

Guild War
Who is the Strongest Guild? Who will build a new empire? Who will conquer the world? Show the strength of your guild! Let the world hear your voice! The top three Guilds will be awarded with a mysterious chest. Remember unity is strength!

Lucky Survivor
GMs have set up an arena in a mysterious place. A PK admin will wait out side the bar of Argent city. Groups of pirates will be sent into the PK site, after a furious battle—the only survivor will get the mysterious award from the GM.

Besides, there will be another surprise for you guys: In September, we will open double EXP every weekend! Do not miss the chance to level up quicker!!

For more about ToP activities, please visit the official site: http://top.igg.com.

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