Tales of Pirates: Studying System Coming Soon

Tales of Pirates will be launching a fun new studying system. It’s a super cute and simple way to gain experience for your character by reading books; which is totally different from training your character by hunting critters. The cool thing is, that characters can study and gain experience while the player is Away From the Keyboard. This means that the players gaming world can be fitted around their real world. So there’s less time in game waiting around and more time getting on with the action adventure of Tales of Pirates.

Studying Skills
Studying is one of the life skills. Players can buy the skill books from the grocery merchants in the 3 mains cities. You will simply learn the studying skill by using the skill book and obtaining a Student Card; which is used to record your status of studying.
Whilst studying, you will accumulate experience points on your student card. You can then turn that experience into character experience by accomplishing simple quests. Studying skill has 5 ranks, the higher skill learned, the more EXP gained!

Studying Books
The studying books are the necessary source of studying. They are equipable items that you can get from (Malls / Awards / Events / Rewards). The books are also ranked according skill levels. Only the highest-level players can learn from the senior books. Whilst you are studying, the book must be equipped in the place of main equipment, and its durability will decrease as it is used. Once the durability is exhausted, the book will become useless (cannot be repaired).
The Studying book can be traded
The Studying book cannot be repaired

Student Card
The student card is used to record your current studying level. You can obtain this item when learning the studying skill, and should equip it before using the skill.
The Student card cannot be traded

So come join the fun and advantages of the Studying system of Tales of Pirates!

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