Tales of Pirates: Thanksgiving Turkey Hunting

The Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) team wants to bring to its loyal players a special banquet to celebrate the coming Thanksgiving Holiday. As everyone knows an indispensable part of Thanksgiving is the turkey, so ToP will hold 3 rounds of Turkey Hunting activities during the month of November.

Thanksgiving In-Game Special Activities – Turkey Hunting
The naughty turkeys have escaped from the oven and have stolen Santa’s Christmas gifts, meaning that the little children will wake up Christmas morning with nothing under the tree if the Pirates can’t get these gifts back. During the event, these turkeys will appear in Argent City, Shaitan City and Icicle City….
The turkeys will be dropping some items, collect and save them because they will be very useful during the Christmas holiday. In addition, ToP will also hold some other Special Thanksgiving Weekly Activities:

Tableware Week
Fireworks Week
Candy Week
Alphabet Card Week

Thanksgiving Item Mall Activity – Thanksgiving Sales Promotion
In order to let their players experience the festival atmosphere in advance, the ToP Item Mall will be selling a new item, the (Turkey Summon Scroll) during the month of November. On Thanksgiving Day they will also be offering a surprise discount.

The Turkey Summon Scroll: Double click to summon a plump, cute Thanksgiving Turkey pet to follow you around.

Thanksgiving Forum Activity – Pirates Give Thanks
When Thanksgiving comes, the ToP team firmly believes that at this special time all players must have a lot to be thankful for. So, ToP will hold a special activity called "Pirates Give Thanks” in the forum. Tell the people who mean the most to you how you feel. ToP officials will select a few of the best posts from 20 chosen posts to broadcast in game through the bulletin system, also, 20 lucky players will be selected to receive 100 item mall points. Visit http://top.igg.com/atc/thanksgiving/ for more information.

Happy Holidays from Tales of Pirates and IGG!!

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