Tales of Pirates: The Magical Lone Tower

It is said in Tales of Pirate that the Magical Lone Tower symbolizes true love and the accompanying loneliness that separation from it, or not having it at all, brings. Whether you have found your true lover or are still alone, you can find the love code after visiting the magical tower, but it’s not easy to get close. It is guarded by various monsters. Now we are going to share the Lone Tower X file with all players.

The Lone Tower has a total of 6 floors. Each floor has different BOSSes. Players can access the Lone Tower by getting a Lone Tower Pass, available in the Item Mall now, or directly buying the Pass to the specified floor of the Lone Tower in game. Players can also run there themselves using Auto-trace. Players who want to challenge the Lone Tower should note before entering, that the critters inside are all senior rank BOSSes. The 1st floor BOSS is a powerful Level 69, and their levels gradually increase from the 2nd floor to the 6th floor. This place is recommended for players Level 70+ to challenge, and they’d better go in groups.

If you ever explore the depths of the Lone Tower, you may have seen the following BOSSes: the Mad Tribal Witchdoctor, the Frenzied Lizardman and the Feral White Bobcat. They all contain rich treasures. Want to obtain this treasure? Well, watch yourself, because they are not easy to fight with. Defeat them and obtain drops including the Bloodied Carcass , the Bloodied Bow , the Essence Dagger , the Arcane Lobster Muffs and the Big Health potion.

Players, if you want to test your limits, come to challenge the magical Lone Tower in Tales of Pirates! Remember to bring your friends to watch your back!

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