Tales of Pirates: The Mysterious Black Market Opens Up

Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) brings surprises to its “pirate community”, and the new coming Mysterious feature Black Market is just another one.

With the opening up of the Black Market, players will be able to obtain rare items at extremely favorable prices, as long as they are good at judging the real values of some ordinary-looked items.

How does the Black Market system works? Well, basically there are two options for the players.

Option 1: players could go find an NPC at the frozen Icicle Castle and exchange for rare items with the items required by the NPC, the items for exchange refreshes every once in a while, and so are the required items.

Option 2: players could buy some unknown items from NPC first, then “brush” them to know what exactly they are. What they could get totally depends on their luck then.

For more details about the interesting systems that ToP contains, you could head over to its official website at http://top.igg.com to dig them out yourself.

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