Tales of Pirates: The Rock

In Tales of Pirates there are some special people carrying the code name “Pirate” who have been designated to take on some special quests. This time they have a new quest to rescue the GM from a danger zone Island Prison. Players who have the name “Pirate” can come to take on this quest. Warriors come and try!

Event Duration:
07:00pm -8:30pm EST (GMT-5) of each day from January 20th to January 23rd

Event Location:
Island Prison

Event Rules:
The players who have the “Pirate” mark can sign up for the events.
The GM will teleport the entrants to the mystic Island Prison after the competition has started. Entrants should go to explore the treasures all by themselves on the island where PVP is allowed. Only the one who is brave and intelligent enough can evade from the attack both from the powerful monsters, BOSSes and the challengers, and then obtain the final winning.

The valiant battle, the mysterious treasures, and the warriors’ competition all in TOP the 1st lords’ war of the New Year.

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