Tales of Pirates: Valentine’s Day Events

Valentine’s Day is coming… that special day when we stop and take the time to show our love and treasure our loved ones. Get together with the one who makes your life special and enjoy some fun games. On this romantic day, Tales of Pirates will be offering lots of fun games to play, fun prizes to win and sweet Valentine’s gifts to give!

Event I: Serendipity
Event Duration
At 9:00p.m.-10:00p.m. EST (GMT-5) February 9th to February 12th
After the event has started the GMs will give out lovers’ cards at 2 spots, for male players and female players, 2 different cards for each player. Male players can go find the GM at Outlaw Isle while female players can go find the GM at Icicle Castle to trade for the lovers’ cards. After obtaining the cards players should go to Cupid Isle to find an opposite gender player who is your prearranged lover and has the same cards as you. Exchange the cards with each other, so you both have 2 matching cards. Then you can redeem the 2 same cards for respective Valentine gifts with the GM at Cupid Isle.

Event II: Help Me Cupid
Event Duration
At 9:00p.m.-10:00p.m. EST (GMT-5) February 15th to February 18th
The romance god of love Cupid will appear at Thundoria Castle this time. Female players can go find Cupid to sign up and obtain a loving keepsake after registering successfully, entrants will be teleported to Skeletar Isle safe area which is guarded by Level 3 Sand Bag critters. Meanwhile, the male players can go to claim their loving keepsake B at Spring Town Inn. After obtaining the keepsake, male Entrants should immediately team up and hurry to Skeletar Isle to save their loving female players. If a male player is able to rescue a female player you can exchange keepsakes with each other. After the event ends Cupid will award prizes to couples according to their keepsakes.

Bring your significant other and join us in game for romantic fun with IGG and TOP!

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