Tales of Pirates: Ver2.0 New Map Preview

Tales of Pirates is now preparing version 2.0, which will bring fresh experiences to its players. This includes new stories, maps, mobs, quests and systems. Today we’ll have a preview of the new maps on Winter Island.

New Winter Island is the next island in the chain of seasonal islands. Along with Spring, Summer, and Autumn Island. It is the island of dreams for players Level 90+ to improve themselves. They will have new monsters to challenge and many more quests to do. It contains 5 small islands:

1. Crescent Island: The 1st map on Winter Island has the largest supplies and all kinds of NPCs, as well as Level 90-96 monsters and a Level 96 BOSS Turtle in the training areas. If players want to access this place they must be Level 90+, then bring up the transport function at the Autumn Island NPC.

2. Snow Ville Island and Snow Cara Island: Named after Njorth Ville and Goddess Cara, this desolate snowbound region has Level 97-103 monsters, each of the islands also has an elite BOSS Leopard, which are harder for players to defeat.

3. Winter Lake Island: Where Njorth Ville lived after he returned, and scattered with a considerable number of Level 90-96 monsters, it’s a good place for quick leveling. The BOSS on this island is the Stone Dragon.

4. Iceberg Island: The largest island of the Winter Island chain, it has Level 104-106 monsters, and is fit for Level 100+ players to train. You have to bring up the transport function to access through a quest. The monsters on this island are more powerful than the other islands. We advise players Level 100+ to team up before entering.

All the monsters on these islands have the chance to drop level 85+ weapons and equipment, and also the level 95 equipment box as well.

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