Tales of Pirates: Wallpaper Contest

The new version of Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com/) will be released soon and in order to celebrate the event; the Tales of Pirates team will be holding a Wallpaper Design Contest with big rewards.
Event Content:
Players can download some of the wallpapers from the new version of the game at http://top.igg.com/wp_more.php for reference. Participants, can fully show off their imaginations by using a variety of materials; such as screenshots and doodles to make wallpaper for the new version.
Event Duration: Jan 7th to Jan 21st
Voting Time: Jan 22nd to Jan 28th
Event Rules:
1. The work should be related to TOP. You can use software (Photoshop) to design the wallpaper. Unique and original work is preferred.
2. The format should be JPG, and it should be offered 800*600, 1024*768 and 1280*1024 resolution wallpaper respectively for each piece of work. So each design needs to be posted three times, once for each resolution.
To Participate:
1. Participants should post their work with the server name, character name and TOP Logo to the correct place before Jan 18th. Your work should be titled with “TOP Wallpaper Contest”.
2. The official will select some of the best designs and hold a vote to see which the best is. The winner will be announced on Jan 28th.
3. IGG reserves the rights to use any and all designs submitted.
First Place (1): 500 IMP
Second Place (2): 300 IMP
Third Place (5):200 IMP.
Encouragement Rewards (8): 100IMP
For more info visit the official Tales of Pirates site: http://top.igg.com/info.php?articleId=813。

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