Talisman Online: October events to celebrate two year birthday

In October, Talisman Online will celebrate her two-year birthday!
Talisman Online will be holding a series of on-line & off-line events to celebrate the Two-Year Anniversary. Everybody is invited!
An “Anniversary Celebration Patch” will be released next month introducing a new level cap, a new challenging scenario and a new map!
As an initial step of the celebration, Talisman Online has prepared two events with really nice rewards for you!
Event 1 : My Wishes For Talisman Online
Event 2 : Share My TO Essay
All participants will be eligible to the Lucky Draw!
Be prepared for the coming events in Talisman Online next month!

Talisman Online - October Events

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  • Nick

    I wouldn’t bother with this game, if I were you. If you ever run into a problem (and you will, believe me!) you can expect to wait up to five days to get any kind of help. They actually have a VIP system for players pre-2011 that deals with them first, so you ALWAYS go to the back of the line. The GMs are rarely online, and when they do come on, they are too busy playing silly games rather than dealing with gamer issues. These guys are mismanaging this game into oblivion.