Tantra Global: Buy Taney, Take In-game Money with new Items!

With the holiday season fast approaching in the real world, Tantra is also following suit with its sprites in game. The tree in Mandara village is well decorated and you can see sparkles and even a star on top of the tree. Not only is Tantra is letting you enjoy the holiday spirit through sprites but also of additions to the in-game premium mall. Speaking of the item mall, Power-Up and Usable Items such as; Tikoy power pack, Premium Packs 1, 2, 3, chattou, prajati and sambadu are also sold in the premium mall. Be the first to get the added bonus these items bring.

In addition, the month started with lots of surprised events in-game and main events such as the Christmas bout and the 7 days of Tantra event.

Upcoming events for this week after Maintenance will be buy taney, take in-game money event but instead of items, it will be in-game money per Taney so better load up now.

New Items in Item Mall will be release. Reset skills a
nd Stat Items along with new Prana Orb with 50% and 100% increasing Exp. and new pots will be available. Item prize decreased such as Prana Orbs and other Premium Package to make it more affordable. Same goes with the new one as well so better watch for it.

Enjoy the game and be the chosen descendants for Tantra is in your Hands!!!

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