Tantra Global Event: Make a comment, get a gift!

Make a comment, Get a gift
– Inform your friends all over the world that Tantra Global is here opening its doors for Tantra fanatics and welcoming other players to join.
– Share the news in any sites and be as one in playing Tantra Global.

Register at Tantra Global.

Share your experience from different forum sites and other sites by posting links of your threads, banners, video clips and screenshots regarding Tantra Global to our forums.


I. Post a Thread
– A short comment not more than 3 lines
– 100 replies or more with 1000 views in other sites will be qualified
II. for Creative Banners
– Creative Banners that will be in main page of other forums sites for a month is also qualified
III for Videos and Screen shots
– For a Video Clip or a Screen shots, having 1000 views will be qualified.

Top 10 Contestants will have $500.00 each
Top 100 Contestants will win 10,000 Taney each

Period: Event starts from Oct. 2 to Oct. 31

Social Media :