Tantra Global: New Content in June

K5-1 is the new patch of Tantra Global. This is an update that includes new features never seen before in international Tantra gaming. The patch contains Mount systems, new avatars, and newest set of high quality armors, Kruma Modification, and the transformation Item.
Mount systems refers to the one of the monsters in which you can ride on as for the additional speed of your character.
New avatar items will be release as well in addition to the avatars that we already know.
The newest set of high quality armors for high levels requires Amara Level 19(Level 118) in which the players will surely crave for. Kruma Modification to intensify the fight especially in God Wars. Lastly, the so called transformation Item in which you can morph into a specific mob depends on the item that will give you additional stats. All of these will be available soon in K5-1 patch.
As for June Events, new items will be in a promotion to all players that focuses more in amplifying the melee and ranged attacks in which their damage will increase in a certain time. Pet Items along with its food and resurrection scroll will be included Tantra Global Weekend Event Special as for pet support. Pets will be available soon in Item Mall.
This patch will be implemented in first to third week of June 2009 so watch out for it!!
No imitation just purely innovation!!! This is Tantra Global…
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