Techland Launches New Dying Light DLC and Gemly

Content Drop #0 - Reinforcements OUT NOW _ Trailer - Video Thumbnail

Techland has just released a new free content for Dying Light as a lead-in to the previously announced 10 free DLCs within the next 12 months. Today’s update, dubbed Content
Drop #0, is available now for PC and will reach the console versions of the game in September alongside the first free piece of DLC. The company has also launched its community-focused digital distribution platform, Gemly, featuring additional exclusive content.

Dying Light’s Content Drop #0 includes a new faction of soldiers set to cause havoc in the Old Town; the Mutated Goon, a new zombie enemy; a new player outfit called ‘Hunted’; and a new weapon, ‘Harran Military Rifle’, which is exclusive on their Gemly distribution service.

Gemly is a digital distribution platform featuring exclusive content for Techland’s games, digital store offering titles from both Techland Publishing and third party publishers, and a community hub for the fans of Techland’s games.

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