Ten Tools Revealed

Wonderland Online (http://wl.igg.com/) is a free 2D turn-based MMORPG brought to players by IGG. In addition to the unique [Tent System], there are also many tools available in the game. Before players use them, the WL team is going to talk about these tools.

1. Tent: It has three functions. The first is it can be used as a factory. No matter what kinds of items are manufactured in the tent. The second is it can be used as a house. Players can put all kinds of furniture in the tent and make it more comfy. Whether it’s a urinal or a bathtub, a washbowl or a vase all can be used to decorate the tent. More than that, players can take their tents with them anywhere they go. The last function is it can be used as a supermarket. Players can sell items in the village with the help of shelves and Coin-Op Games.

2. Remote Control: It is an AFK tool offered by WLO. A character can automatically attack monsters after players set options such as HP and SP replenishment and prepare enough food.

3. Vacuum Cleaner: It is one of the greatest inventions in the Wonderland. It can automatically collect materials. It can only be used in material spots however.

4. Fishing Rod: There are common, superior and luxurious fishing rods in Wonderland. All fishing rods can automatically fish. However, players may obtain different fish depending on the fishing rods used and their skill level.

5. Notepad: It can be used to record everything that has happened in a player’s game, including finished and unfinished quests, quest details and dialogue. The most important feature is that it can automatically record trivia. Player’s can press [CTRL + M] to check their details anywhere at any moment.

6. Radio Set: When a character is level 10 or above, players can yell on the world channel with the help of a Radio Set by consuming SP.

7. Title Deed: It can be used to increase tent space. There is no time limit and it is unable to be traded.

8. Roca: She is one of the most helpful NPCs. She has a high attack ability, good skills and excellent defensive skills. However, she may kill the pet players want to capture. Even if players ask her to stay on defense, her powerful counterattack may kill the pet.

9. Cat and Dog: They are only friendly envoys who can help players express items.

10. Star: It can be used to learn skills during the trials, can be exchanged for subway keys, or for Title Deeds to increase tent space, for bouquets to increase the pets’ amity or to cure human pets which die during quests.

These ten tools are very popular and very useful in Wonderland. Remember them; they can help you very much in game.

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