TERA EU Officially Launches

TERA EU Officially Launches



The Berlin-based publisher Frogster is pleased to announce the successful launch of its long-anticipated MMO game TERA, developed by Bluehole Studio. Players have been invading the 10 servers set up for the launch since midday today (CEST).



New players will begin their adventure in TERA by creating a highly customized character from seven races and eight classes. They will join forces with thousands of allies to save an endangered universe. They will vie for power and set their own rules through an advanced political system. TERA players will discover a one-of-a-kind experience, giving them an MMO game setting combined with the thrill of action games.



To celebrate this launch, Frogster is releasing a new episode of its video series “Inside TERA”. In this installment, the TERA team gives more details about the action combat system, one of the most exciting features of the game, offering a gaming experience most veteran MMO players have never enjoyed before.



The famous BAMs, the big ass monsters players have to face as they progress through the game, will also join the fray and demonstrate how their very advanced intelligence makes every fight in the game different. Players will need to use a different strategy to defeat each unique BAM, but there are some tips that can be applied to all of them: stay alert, don’t let your guard down, keep moving and hit them harder than they hit you.



Although the time for pre-orders is now over, TERA is available in most retail shops from €49.99 (suggested retail price) for the standard edition. Ubisoft is managing the European retail distribution, while Frogster is taking care of the digital distribution of the game in Europe. Additionally, a monthly subscription will be necessary to keep playing TERA once the first playtime period included free with all versions of the game is over. Prices start at €12.95 a month, with tapering fees for longer time periods.

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