TERA Online Brings Home the Gold at G-Star

TERA Online Brings Home the Gold at G-Star 2011



OnRPG’s associate Nick Goldmark is on the ground floor at this year’s G-Star convention and has sent us some early morning news that has caught quite a few off guard. Blue Hole Studios, developer of the upcoming non-target based MMORPG, TERA Online, took home the figurative gold winning not only the acclaimed President’s Award but also best sound, graphics, and character design.



The last 30 days represent an exciting state in TERA Online’s development. Following the rumors of TERA’s development director resigning, a new slew of content updates have followed catering more towards the demands of the player base, both in Korea and abroad. Open world GvG war declaration, an outlaw system to assist with spontaneous PK battles, new dungeons, a level cap increase, and well tested class balancing are just a few of the great changes that have been revealed in their Evolution update.



The upswing of the game seems to expand beyond just development as the North American publisher En Masse Entertainment’s producers Brian Knox and Chris Hager have recently admitted publicly on the forums that they have not been active enough with their community. Things have become much livelier since then with Knox and Hager making frequent posts and comments answering players’ questions on the forum. A new website redesign is expected to be released soon giving players unprecedented details into the inner workings of the game and its rich culture.



Stayed tuned to OnRPG as we continue to report on any major news from the Korean G-Star convention!

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