TERA Online Japan Consolidates Servers

TERA Online Japan Consolidates Servers



NHN Japan today announced that they will be consolidating servers for their Japanese publication of TERA Online. This stands to reduce the number of total players in the game down to 33% of the current total.



TERA Online hit Japanese beta about five months ago and quickly transitioned into a state of full release including the recent Evolution content to hit the Korean home servers. Although it started out strong with 48,000 players shelling out $38.50/month, the numbers have since dwindled. One culprit of this has been server stability issues.



In response NHN has doubled the amount of free time new players have when purchasing the game as well as reducing reset times on major dungeons to make the game more hardcore friendly. NHN Japan’s official response to today’s announcement has been that server stability and game performance will be increased dramatically, thus keeping their player base around for the long-term.



Of course this is all in due course for most major MMORPGs with subscription-based systems released in the past few years.

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