TERA Online Launches Evolution Update

Tera Launches Evolution Update in Korea

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-in-Chief



Rebellious gamers rejoice! Our cries have been heard in Bluehole Studio’s Upcoming Action MMORPG TERA Online, which released one hell of an update this past week that not only addressed some of the issues the players in Korea had complained about, but also many of the concerns North American and European players-in-waiting have been crying foul against for some time. Let’s go over the changes:



PK Timer Abolished

Many hardcore PvP players (including myself) have voiced concerns over TERA’s previous system in which players would receive a 5s countdown before they could engage in player killing. This has been removed entirely in the Korean version in exchange for a PK Point system that punishes players who overzealously harass their fellow man.



Under the new system, you will receive a certain number of points for killing another player (how that is rewarded is still unknown to me, but it seems only the player who delivers the final blow receives those PK points).



At 1-99 points: You will receive penalties including slightly faster condition depletion, twice the chance of sharded crystals breaking, and unable to benefit from rest exp.


At 100-100 points: Your condition deteriorates even faster, three times the chance of sharded crystals breaking, attack power cut by 50%, movement speed reduced by 15%, unable to benefit from rest exp, and lose of the privilege of using the Pegasus Express to fast travel around the map.

At 1000+ points: Your condition deteriorates extremely fast, five times the chance of sharded crystals breaking, attack power cut by 90%, defense by 75%, movement speed reduced by 30%, unable to benefit from rest exp, and lose of the privilege of using the Pegasus Express to fast travel around the map.



As you can see removing the 5 second PK timer has resulted in some harsh penalties for those who abuse the system. Though speculation around the boards seems likely that these penalties will be much lower on the PvP specific servers in the western version of the game.


Pedobear Squad has Declared War on You!


GvG(vG) Battles

Guilds will now be able to earn ranking by destroying their rivals in open world 4 hour wars! By paying 3 million gold per guild you declare on (you can initiate 3 way battles for 6 million), guilds will be able to duke it out in open world combat for 4 hours or until one of the factions reaches 500 points. Once declared, guilds involved cannot back down, meaning if someone pays to fight you, you have no choice but to accept. Points are scored every time one of your guild members downs an enemy guild member. A special prize of 10 points is rewarded for downing an enemy guild leader.



For the duration of the war, there are no PK penalties incurred for killing members of the enemy guilds. They will also have red name plates to more easily identify enemies at a distance. Vanarch territory law that bans PK will be ignored for the duration of the war. Factions looking to surrender early can buy a scroll to surrender. A server wide notification is announced at both the beginning and conclusion of each war letting everyone know the outcome (as well as your words of challenge when initiating!).


Red Vs Blue Teams are Obvious on the Battlefield


Beyond the PvP

A few additional changes came with the patch including resting exp which is rewarded if you log out in town, for every hour you are offline. Many new glyphs were also introduced which can be used to bolster various skills to customize them to your liking. Also due to the massive outcry of role players the world over, TERA Online has implemented a /sit command which unique animations for every race/gender.



Of course this is only a few of the major changes occurring, but it’s good to see an eastern developer taking note of their western audience before even releasing the game in that region. Hopefully many more take note of this professionalism and test the waters of both markets before finalizing their features too much.

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