TERA Online Reveals Fyrmount

TERA Online Reveals Fyrmount



A breathtaking flythrough video and more information on the seductive Castanic race hase been unveiled by the Berlin based publisher, Frogster.  The emblematic Castanics are one of 7 races from the forthcoming triple-A MMO TERA Online, due to be released in Spring 2012.



The newly released flythrough video guides players through the volcanic depths of Fyrmount, a hellish region that has close ties to the Castanic race.  Enigmatic and secretive, the Castanics are stoically self-sufficient with the key to their independence lying in Fyrmount itself.



Young males and females wanting to be accepted as adults in Castanic society are sent to the far reaches of Fyrmount to be pushed to their limits. Only those that can overcome their tasks are recognized as an adult amongst their peers. Whilst the Castanics are renowned for their cunning, amongst the lava flows and volcanic geysers littered in Fyrmount, the younglings will need every ounce of will and determination that they possess to emerge successful.



The Castanic “quest” given to each participant is purposefully vague: Find something of value, and return with it. Many return with precious ores that are scattered close to the many mines and small quarries in Fyrmount. Yet, only the bravest and boldest hunt for greater treasures in the deeper regions of these long abandoned mines.



It is around these mines however, where their biggest threats lie. Demons of all kinds have occupied Fyrmount and many still hold grudges against the Castanics. Still posing a threat to Castanica, these demons are ready to wage war once again.

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