TERA Reveals Crafting and Customization

TERA Onilne Reveals Crafting and Customization Features



Our friends at Frogster, publisher for TERA Online‘s European Portal, were kind enough to unveil more of TERA’s rich crafting, enchantment and customization system to OnRPG today. With the sheer might of the game’s Big Ass Monsters, players will not only need to adapt their play style and skill set, but also customize their arsenal in ways that should please and excite even the most experienced of MMO players.


TERA Online Customization


Suit Up

While quick reflexes are the order of the day with TERA’s real time combat system, it never hurts to have a nice weapon in your hands for that little extra slice of devastation on the battlefield. Whether that is done with the battle-axe of a berserker, or an archer’s bow, TERA’s crafting system gives players the tools to build their own unique range of weapons and armor. For defensively minded players, the protection offered by the almost impenetrable hematescent kryplate armour is just the item you’ll need. Or, perhaps offense is more your style? Then, may we recommend the awesome might of the lustrum scepter, sure to give you all the bone shattering power you need in a tight spot. With more than a thousand items to create, use and sell this is just a minute selection of what will be on offer when players enter the world of TERA.


TERA Online Customization

Rewards are always better when you’ve earned them though, and that’s why TERA’s crafting system requires more than just a click of the mouse to create something truly awe-inspiring. Travelling across the world, players will need to collect rare blueprints and mythic elements before they can start working away in the forge of TERA’s many great cities.


Weapon of Choice

Customizing your weapons and armor in TERA provides more than just a basic boost to your item stats. Using magic crystals and enchantments correctly will change the way you approach battles, whether you’re fighting devas in Blightwood or ovoliths hidden away deep in the caverns of Arachnaea. Placing a crystal into a weapon could give you the ability to launch enemies off their feet, highlight a foe’s weakness or even poison your target. Conversely, using a crystal with armor may reward you with perpetual healing, guard against sneak attacks or bestow you with extra energy to launch powerful magic spells.


TERA Online Customization

While players scouring the world it’s inevitable you will collect loot that, on a mere cursory glance, will appear worthless. In TERA enchanting grants you the ability to remove the magic energy found on a weapon, that would otherwise have been cast aside, and transfer it to your own weapon of choice. Repeat the process enough times and the player will ‘unlock’ new abilities and powers for the item.


Deadly Combination

Customization isn’t only limited to players’ gear. With glyphs players can also customize the effectiveness of the various skills and spells in their arsenal. Combine the right glyph with a ranged arrow attack to bolster the deadly shower of arrows with a numbing bonus.


TERA Online Customization


Alternatively, combine a glyph with a melee attack to increase the speed of your blows and tip the tide of battle in your favor. As players progress through the game, the choices they make will define their character and their fighting style, meaning that no two players will ever be the same.

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