TERA: “They aren’t going to stab themselves”

TERA: “They aren’t going to stab themselves”


The highly anticipated title, TERA, is due to set trails ablaze in the MMORPG world in 2011. The TERA race and class series rolls on with an unveiling of the amani race and the lancer class. TERA’s unique achievement system also features some new twists on the familiar classic system.


TERA's unique achievement system also features some new twists on the familiar classic system


Featured race: Amani
There’s no mistaking the amani race for another. The amani are of a considerable size and are distinguished by their reptilian features. Having endured years of enslavement at the hands of the conquering giants, the amani value their freedom above all else. Known for their honesty and candid nature, these giant reptiles don’t mince words. Earning the trust of the amani is no easy task, but well worth the effort as they make for a furious foe. The no-nonsense style of the amani is best exemplified by their common exclamation: “They aren’t going to stab themselves!”


Featured class: Lancer
The lancer is a battlefield dynamic that must be reckoned with. Featuring key attacks like the Lance Charge and the Onslaught, the lancer can cut even the biggest groups down to size. Along with enhanced combo attacks, the levelled-up lancer boosts the defence of his party members, while weakening that of his enemies. The lancer’s battlefield bona fides come at a price: he attracts aggro from all corners.


Unique achievements
MMO gamers are familiar with the process of levelling up, collecting items, and working through quests in order to build their character. TERA expands on the classic model, offering rewards from tasks that vary from exploration- and quest-based achievements to bestowing acclaim on players for PvP prowess and social interactions with NPC’s.

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