TERA’s Political System Gets Violent

TERA’s Political System Gets Violent



As the second round of TERA’s Vanarch Election cycle begins, we received some information from Brian Knox about an upcoming change that will substitute the not yet implemented battlegrounds with a weeklong multi-faction GvG system.



In the current system factions simply choose from one of the three continents not completely overrun by Argons to vie for power. Each account owner can vote once per continent and in the end victorious factions are assigned one of that continent’s territories based on vote count and pre-chosen preferences.



In an upcoming patch TERA will be marking off some of the more rowdy and barbaric territories, making them no longer eligible to control by a democratic system. Instead factions will have to enter into GvG against every other faction running for that territory for an entire week, with the factions emerging on top taking control of the Vanarch seat for that election cycle. To prevent abuse there will be limits on how many points you can earn from another faction each day, as well as no points given for killing a target below level 40.



I personally am looking forward to this system as it essentially kills two bird with one stone. First off GvG battles are currently meaningless and now they will be essential for deciding rulers of various lands. Secondly it offers smaller factions a chance to gain office without having to garner hundreds of votes to compete with larger 300 man guilds. I hope we see this system live in time for the third round of Vanarchs!

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