Terra Militaris Enters Closed Beta

Terra Militaris Enters Closed Beta


Gala Networks Europe, the leading free-to-play publisher of online games, is delighted to announce that Terra Militaris, its upcoming browser-based real-time strategy MMO, has entered its Closed Beta Test with the English version, though the game will be released fully localised in English, French, German and Polish.


A selection of lucky players will have 10 days of unrestricted game access to explore the game’s possibilities and test server capacity as they build vast empires and armies to lead their chosen ancient civilisation to world domination. If you haven’t been chosen yet, don’t worry, as you can still pre-register and gain access in the next few days. The Closed Beta Test will not just provide the exclusive opportunity to experience the real-time strategy challenges in this first round of testing but during the beta users will have the chance to participate and win valuable prices in the ongoing beta test events.


Terra Militaris


Terra Militaris combines historical MMORTS gameplay with high-end Flash graphics and will be fully playable on both PC and Mac formats. Ready to set a new standard for browser games, Terra Militaris will bring a new gaming experience to European players without any downloads or a subscription fee. The game brings together several key elements from the RTS genre to produce a perfect hybrid of building, research, diplomacy and tactical combat, with a wide range of options to tailor gameplay focus according to the player’s wishes. From unit-level RTS combat to lofty political and economic overviews, Terra Militaris represents the true cutting edge in multiplayer strategy gaming design, on the most modern and accessible platform of all.


Terra Militaris will be available by the end of 2010 through the gPotato.eu games portal with no download or subscription fee required. To play the game, users will only have to login to the official website using their favourite PC or Mac web-browser, and jump into the game in seconds. More information about the game will soon be available on the official website.

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