TESO: Gold Edition. Good Idea?


The retail version of TESO is 40 bucks. It’s a game that does not require a subscription, but there are certainly perks to doing so. I’ve slowly gained more interest in The Elder Scrolls Online after covering a few of the current DLC packs [Thieves Guild/Dark Brotherhood]. But they announced today that there is a new version of the game that can be purchased at third-party outlets! It’s called “TESO: Gold Edition” and will retail the usual 59.99 that most titles come out as. But you might be asking, just as I did, “What the hell? It was already forty bucks! Why charge more?!” But that’s okay, that’s what I’m here for! It’s going to come with the current DLC, through Dark Brotherhood, a Palomino Mount, and of course, the core game content.  Sure, this isn’t aimed at everyone, I understand that. If you aren’t a fan of TESO, it’s not going to change your mind! But it’s definitely for people who are curious or simply want the DLC.


Is it worth it? The DLC alone is about 20 bucks a piece, and it’s four of them in one place. So yes, if you’re looking to get started in TESO, but don’t want to go around buying tons of DLC, you’re honestly better off just getting the Gold Edition. Honestly, I can see current owners of the game who have no DLC at all taking a look at it. It comes down to the same price, and if you don’t want to spend money on Crowns and then buy the DLC, I can see this being useful. But mostly it seems to be aimed at getting new eyes on the game, which is smart. The DLC that I’ve played has been really quite good, and I can tell they’re putting a lot of work in. So, if you’ve been on the fence about purchasing the game, it might not be a bad idea to look at! Though if you already have the main game, I’d consider ESO Plus before buying the whole game, in all honesty. That way you just get the DLC when it comes out. But for you guys on the fence? I don’t think it’s a bad deal. Honestly, it’s a hell of a deal. Sure, you can just buy the DLC or get ESO Plus, so part of me fears a cash grab opportunity, but nonetheless, if you are new, it’s a fantastic way to start the game. Keep an eye out for the opportunity to pre-order it fairly soon!

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