Test Your Might in Cabal 2’s Trial of Champions

Test Your Might in Cabal 2's Trial of Champions news header

Calling all warriors! ESTSoft, Inc. revealed details for its next free update for CABAL 2, available starting Sept. 10. The new update includes two new battle arenas and a rewards system for players at the top of rankings.


The “Trial of Champions” features two new arenas, which both require players to be level 10 to enter. There is an instanced monster arena and a PvP arena. In the monster arena, players will go in alone and fight for survival against a variety of monsters across different stages. The PvP arena will give combatants the chance to prove their skills by facing off against each other in an effort to become the ultimate champion of CABAL 2.


In addition to these two arenas, there is a new ranking system that will track players in events like the monster arena, PvP arena and in-game battlegrounds. This feature tracks the amount of points that players rack up during these events and gives them a ranking. At the end of each season players will be awarded prizes based off of their ranking.


“Expect much more to come and change the ever expanding CABAL 2 universe, as we’ve got many updates and improvements in store,” said Ajmal Popal, Assistant Product Manager, ESTSoft.


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