The Chosen Online Chooses Its Chosen

The Chosen Online Chooses its Chosen




Snail Games USA today announced the conclusion of their contest, The Chosen Challenge, in their mythical free-to-play MMORPG, The Chosen Online. The contest, held to celebrate the launch of the new Rally server, invited players to vie for the game’s ultimate rank to win a one-of-a-kind Chosen laser-etched gaming laptop. FATALKIL conquered the new server, leading the Qin dynasty in an epic Tripod War against rivals Ming, Tang, Song and Han to become the first Chosen player on Rally and take home the exclusive prize.



FATALKIL joins the ranks of only two others, Baby and Danalis, the first two to overcome great in-game odds and become The Chosen. For completing this feat on new, unclaimed server territory, Snail Games USA has awarded FATALKIL with a super cool Chosen laser-etched EON-17-S high performance gaming laptop from Origin PC.

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