The Dream comes true on December 18th

GameTribe is glad to announce that the World of the Kunlun Mirror is ready for some exciting changes starting on December 18th !

  1. The final phase will start on December 18th with the introduction of the item mall. Players will be able, if they want to, to access this new item mall where some useful and fun items are available for their character. The item mall includes from original clothes to several kind of pills to help you during your epic adventures.
  2. New higher level quests and maps will also be released for gamers pleasure.
  3. Christmas is coming to Eversun Town! Enter DOMO to enjoy new holiday’s quest and items!
  4. The big info for the beta testers who helped us during this crucial pre-release phase is here: NO character wipe from open beta to commercial launch!!


In order to provide these updates, DOMO will need to shut down between 10 PM (GMT+1) on Monday December 17th, until 10 AM (GMT+1) on Tuesday December 18th .
We are also preparing some little gifts for our closed beta testers and open beta testers to thank them for their support, patience and loyalty during these important phases of the game. The gift for our closed beta testers will be distributed with the release of December 18th; the one for open beta testers will be distributed soon later on.

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