The Dwarven Invasion Arrives in Dawn of Fantasy

The Dwarven Invasion Event Arrives In Dawn Of Fantasy


Dawn of Fantasy


Reverie World Studios is proud to announce a new game changing event for it’s innovative siege MMORTS – Dawn of Fantasy. This mini-expansion event gives players free access to the might of the Dwarven race as players work together in co-op mode to protect the realm against the Dwarven invaders.



The dwarfs have descended on the three realms of the world! They come as friends and foes, traders and conquerors. Select dwarven mercenaries have joined player armies free of charge, while towns refusing refuge have fallen to dwarven cannons. Players will experience Dawn of Fantasy like never before with a new challenging siege combat opportunities against the Dwarves, discount on all dwarven mercenaries hired from the Online Kingdom Market and Dwarven menu design, not to mention new soundtrack! Players who purchase the game from the official site between now and August 7 will also receive two bonus codes for 20$ value – redeemable for additional free dwarven units as well as a Haunter Dragon, so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!


Dawn of Fantasy


In this rare visit, the dwarfs will introduce the best miners in the game, several very versatile melee units, and a new technology: gunpowder. With primitive rifles and cannons, the dwarfs will be invaluable when defending your homeland from an attack. But encounter them on the other side of the battlefield and you’ll find yourself cringing at the distant sound of cannon-fire and bagpipes.



The promo starts today and runs until August 7, so check out our website to pick up your copy of the game to take part in the great Dwarven Invasion!

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