The gate to Firing Continent opened.

Asda Story created High Level Elite Field Flammion Mountain just for Ultimate Challengers. This is for highest Level Players and supports worst difficulties playing the game. The gate to Firing Continent, Inferos was sited in a Conquest Land, and high level players faced new challenge and adventure.

Inferos transformed to extremely hot due to fire elements where normal creatures can’t have any courage to go near. The challenge for high level players is protecting the world against monsters like LavaPrince Ra-Han, Fallen Phoenix Kalan, Flamer Salamandog, and Evil dragon Enkidu C which are living in there where no creatures have came back alive.

Asda Story gives challengers exploring Flammion Mountain with 36 sets of quests. Also the challengers can explore new continent like Inferos who were hesitating to have fantastic fun.

The modification of Forgotten Canyon and Night Valley increased the speed of earning extra benefit in a game. You can create your own fun with your party members by sharing your roles within to hunt down Beastro in Forgotten Canyon and BlackEagle in Night Valley. Show off what you can do, and whose parties got the best tactics to kill them.
During certain period of time, you are privileged to earn X2 Exp. Points while killing monsters. With brand new contents, you can double your Exp. Points to level up faster than ever. You should have blast with Asda Story’s Special Offer just for you. Further information would be found at an official site

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