The Most Welcomed Career in Elf Online

There is a general assumption that Rover in Elf Online ( is welcomed and favored as the Land Rover, a well known automobile brand in the reality. It’s not false.
From the perspective of self property, smart agility, excellent accuracy and high attack are the characteristics of the rover who is thought to be “the swiftest assassin”. The distant attack of rover is the eternal nightmare to the enemy. After level 40, rover can transfer job as hunter or assassin. Assassin is endowed with strong physical attack and lightning attack speed, especially in team fighting, assassin can achieve the effort of attacking once and for all. Hunter has remarkable group skill, which can exert great weakenness to group enemy.
In a short, if a Land Rover runs at full cylinder, what amazing performance it will practice? So does the Rover in Elf Online.

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