The Mysterious Sascillia Steppes of Runes of Magic unveiled

The sixth area in the game world Taborea described in detailed game design document

With the presentation of the Sascillia Steppes, Frogster now unveils the 6th region in Taborea, the fascinating game world of Runes of Magic. The Sascillia region is home to a nomadic goat people, the Capra, which some time ago split into two clans: the Whitefurs and the Blackhorns.
Dogamor, once capital of the Capra lands and home to the Whitefurs fell when attacked by the Cyclops, and the goat people were driven away. Since then they have been trekking through the Sascillia Steppes, their minds always set on recapturing Dogamor. Therefore the Whitefurs formed an alliance with the Order of Dark Glory to stand up against the Cyclops. But they do not stand alone, as the conspirators of the Zurhidon support them as well. This bloody conflict has continued throughout the ages, and exists even today. While the Whitefurs were roaming the plains, the Blackhorns occupied the mysterious city of Khant. There they have been pursuing their own interests which appear to be tainted by black magic.
Daring Players can set out to explore the mysterious Khant and the grave of the once mighty chief of the goat clan, or support the Whitefurs in their fight against the Cyclopes. But the Cyclopes are not the only creature’s one should avoid, the Blackhorns, roving bandits and some mysterious giant wolves, guardians of the animal world could all prove deadly as well.

An extensive game design document describes the intricate conflict of the Whitefurs and Blackhorns and reveals even more secrets of the Sascillia Steppes.

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