The nature of competition

League Of Legends S4 Ranked

As the year comes dangerously close to their end, I begin to play more games in the ranked game mode, because I want to climb as high as I possibly can. But it poses questions, problems. Some of the conversations I have with people are, “Why do you do that to yourself? I only play games to have fun.” and my response is generally “Winning is fun too. Winning is more fun.” I enjoy playing games competitively, and I know the reason why. When people are just playing casually, the tendency is to do whatever they want, and just get in there and have a good time. And that’s all well and good. . . But here’s what I enjoy.


I enjoy a well-made plan. A good composition of teammates that know what they’re doing and how to do it. That’s what I enjoy. If I want to do whatever, I’ll play a mode where it picks stuff at random and we’ll just figure out a way to win. That’s why I like ranked gameplay. That’s what makes it fun. What takes that fun away is when people enter those matches and decide, if you don’t do it their way, you’re automatically an idiot and they start feeding. I don’t understand that “My way or the highway” mindset. The kinds of people that exist only to make someone elses’ game worse because they’re in a bad mood, or they didn’t “get what they wanted”, their Champ/God was banned. Whatever the reason, they’re out to make salt levels rise. My only advice for those kinds of situations is please, don’t feed them. Swearing at them, yelling that you’re going to get them banned/reported, that doesn’t help. Try to be supportive and considerate. When the game is over, then decide if you’re going to report them. But don’t yell it out! That just makes them more likely to be venomous.

Create a kind atmosphere and it is more likely they will follow in kind.  What do you do in situations like this? Or do you avoid ranked gameplay, whether it’s World of Warcraft, League, Smite, Overwatch?

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