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League Of Legends - Live Play

Last week I talked about the spirit of competition. I was getting back into League for the end of season shenanigans/race to Gold, but I might have to hang that up for this season. Try again next time, and settle for Silver this time. But I’m genuinely confused, because online gaming sincerely brings the worst out of every human being. Or almost, at any rate. What I do not understand, is when your major damage dealer [ADC] is doing poorly, why do you think it will make them work harder and better for the team, with the phrase “Go kill yourself” “You’re fucking worthless”, “Report our shit adc”, “Get cucked”, et cetera. For the record, I was the support in those games. I don’t really carry. Seriously, who does this help? Do you know anyone in your personal life that responds positively to “Go kill yourself you stupid fuck!”?  I sure don’t. I had two games in a row where our ADC [Attack Damage Carry] disconnected on purpose for being harassed for not performing up to the rest of the teams expectations. I wasn’t doing my best either, but far from my worst. I also don’t understand why people decide “My team doesn’t deserve to win, so I’m going to feed/troll. That will teach them!” Teach them what? That you’re an asshole, and want to make an already toxic community so much worse? I take a pretty great amount of pride in not flaming/raging on people. Since I do main support, I try to keep as positive an atmosphere as I possibly can, even in the worst situations.

League of Legends 5.9 Update

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

I simply want to understand why people do this, and why it’s necessary. I also played Overwatch ranked yesterday. And people only seem to get really vile through text. Occasionally in voice chat, but for the most part, that’s saved for calling out plans, and being told how great my Mercy was in a game. That made me feel pretty good. That’s not important to the story, but it is a pleasant segue. I understand that blood runs hot in competition, and everyone just wants to win. Not everyone can win in a team-based game as far as points are concerned. But that in no way excuses you from being a despicable human being because your friends aren’t being fed, or someone on your team that you don’t know is performing badly. If we could eliminate or cull this kind of behavior I bet the community would be better as a whole. Sure, if someone’s doing badly you don’t have to call them out. Maybe offer a suggestion that would help, or assistance in their lane/zone. At our core, we’re all human beings. Is there really a reason to shit on someone elses’s day because you’re upset? I can’t even think of a single one that makes sense.

If everyone could just work together without being repugnant, awful scumbags, that’d be great.  Remember guys, teamwork wins games.

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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    This is exactly why I do not like to play live games. I am not the best player in these sorts of games (Although my Leona game is pretty strong). Since I play casually, I don’t really have the time to do the, apparently required, research into the exact perfect spot to place a ward, or recognized the two pixel indicator of the ‘right’ time to initiate.

    One can almost understand a certain amount of overzealous verbal aggression in Ranked matched, because those matched ‘matter’ to the people who play these games seriously. So I am willing to let slide a certain amount of venom in reaction to bad playing/feeding ect. That certain amount is low, but there is an amount, I’m guilty of trash talk myself, but never to the extent that I’ve seen/heard in the League community and playing CoD.

    However, this sort of nonsense in a casual game is completely uncalled for. Being told you are stupid, worthless or better off dead because you don’t play a video game very well seems, well, breathtakingly petty. Casual gaming, to me at least, denotes gaming for fun and enjoyment. Sure, losing isn’t the most fun, but I’ve enjoyed the hell out of matches I’ve lost. And each match teaches you more about the game, let’s you get better.

    But no one gets better being told they should kill themselves (or heaven help you if you are a female gamer. Then may the gods have mercy on your souls) because they didn’t play at a professional level in every single match, every single second of every single game.

  • Endathel

    Sky Williams talked about something similar, I completely agree! Although I don’t play anymore specifically because of said community.