The New Shadow Class is Unveiled For C9

The New Class Shadow Unveiled For C9




WEBZEN Inc. introduced the first new class update, ‘Shadow’, after officially launching their action RPG ‘C9’ (Continent of the Ninth Seal).



On July 18th (GST), the ‘Shadow’ class will be available, which is the 4th advancement class of the hunter that specializes in fast movement, attacks and cloaking skills using dual-wield weapons such as daggers and swords. The new class with agile movement and stunning visual effects has upgraded offensive techniques to storm through waves of enemies. Players will be able to learn the Ultimate Fury skill at level 50, unleashing an unstoppable chain of deadly attacks once activated.



Also, there will be upcoming events and updates. As for the event, the first 11 Shadow players who reach level 50 will receive a +11 weapon with items that can be used to change the options of weapons. Subsequently, WEBZEN will be releasing the renewed version of “Berserker” with upgraded skills and new style on July 31st (GST) that has come back from the Pre-CBT with players’ popular demand.




Meanwhile, registration for the EU region ‘2012 C9 World Championship’ has ended and the final bracket for the competing teams can be seen on the C9 website ( The journey to determine the EU finalists will start online from July 19th where the top 4 teams will meet at Gamescom 2012 on August 17th. Later in November, these EU finalists will be invited to G-Star 2012 in Korea for the ‘2012 C9 World Championship’.



Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said, “We hope players will experience the fast action of the new class ‘Shadow’ in this update.” He also said, “We will continuously provide our players with updates to accelerate the action of C9.”

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