The Representative Star for Voyage Century

Since Final launch on April, 8th, forever free Voyage Century has got the continued popularity. With the support from massive enthusiastic players, VC has successfully mounted to the Top quality Ranked MMORPGs.
Recently there is a hot debate on the representative who VCO will choose. What we like to mention is that it is up to you all.

Players who care much about the VCO representative have talked over this topic and recommended their favorite stars. Let’s have a look at the list:
Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean, he is wild but favorable;
Russell Crowe, claimed to be Hero on Sea, from Master and Commander;
Matthew Modine the hero from Cutthroat Island, his image is very appropriate for VCO…
Seems the stars listed are relatively intimate with VCO.

Among them who will finally surpass others and be favored by the VCO players? Or you have the better person selected. Just recommend him.

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