The Secret of Top Weapons

The Secret of Top Weapons
Elf Online fans have just unvailed the secrets of the top weapons in Elf, let’s see what surprise we have.

As all of you might have noticed, the durability of equipment in Elf Online ( decreases, and it requires repairing. The max durability of the item would also go down as you repair, and you guys lose confidence in playing the game: since that no matter how good you make your items to be (+10, or it’s a rare item from Boss drop), it breaks eventually due to the max durability goes down every repair.

But, as you guys might have not noticed the Gold Bullion Mall item, “Especially Repaired Gem” can help repair the max dura of the item. Personally, I suggest only charge gold bullion to buy this when the equipment is a yellow one, or a rare drop. The blue equipment can be remake from recipe by manufacturer when one is broken; there’s no need for such repair gem. You can communicate with players who are manufactures to remake an item with max dura again.

So, if you guys find the durability is what cause you to lose confidence in perusing high level and equipment, please reconsider the system, its actually emphasizing cooperation among players to make new items when an item is broken (more realistic) or buy the repair gem for high level items. And more importantly, Elf Online ( is for playing with pets; an good pet with good build and skills overvalues good items.

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