The Secret World Announces FR and DE Versions of Website

The Secret World Announces French and German Versions of Website



Funcom is pleased to announce that the official German and French language websites for the upcoming modern-day massively multiplayer online game ‘The Secret World’ are now live. For those reading OnRPG via Google Translate rejoice! You won’t have to do that for The Secret World any longer.



‘The Secret World’ is set to launch June 19th this year and will be available with both German and French localization and support. Funcom is excited to be able to provide our German and French speaking community a place to go to for the latest news and information on The Secret World’, and each site will be kept up to date by a dedicated team that includes German and French speaking community managers.



To visit the new websites, head over to for the German language site and for the French language site, or use the language selector at the top of all pages throughout the website.

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