The Secret World Breaks Down PvP Modes

The Secret World Breaks Down PvP Modes



A new dev blog released by The Secret World’s Lead Designer, Martin Bruusgaard, reveals the various types and locations PvP exists in. I’ll go ahead and summarize the details.



Fight Clubs

One Fight Club exists in each of the factions’ hub cities. This small little clubs have no rules, which is just right for testing and tweaking builds, dueling your friends, or sneaking into a rival faction’s club to stick a knife in the back of your enemy. You can set up anything from 1v1 to 10v10 matches here.




This type of gameplay is for the more professional and organized PvP battles to occur. Faction against faction against faction exists here but objectives change depending on the location so expect to adjust your spec and tactics depending on what you are trying to take control of.



Stonehenge: King of the hill gameplay in which each team fight to keep the most players inside the central ring of Stonehenge while dispatching anyone from other factions. Teams will have to decide the right mix between burst damage and sustainability to capture and then maintain possession of the  central ring through this match.



El Dorado: This CTF mode offers a total of three twists from the standard CTF mechanics most games use today. The first twist? The relics all start neutral and are spread over a very large and diverse map. The next twist? The map is asymmetrical, allowing players the ability to use specific terrain to their defensive advantage. The final twist? If you carry a captured relic you receive no buff from it but there is a longer cooldown after the relic carrier is killed in which no opposing team can swipe the relic. However if you put the relic down your team will receive an area buff allowing you to have an easier time defending it from attackers.



El Dorado starts all teams in the middle of the map and chaos ensues from there. Each faction will need a ton of coordination to come out on top reliably in this map. Long range teams will likely want to defend relics from high points in the map with good unobstructed lines of sight. Meanwhile beefy bruiser teams would do well to set up in caverns and other small chokepoints where they can use body collision and hand to hand combat to overwhelm attacks. But don’t count out the importance of luck in The Secret World! Powerful buffs will be bestowed on the entire faction of the winning side so a lot is riding on you if you take on the El Dorado challenge.




Although only one will be available at launch, The Warzone is The Secret World’s pinnacle of persistent 24/7 faction pvp. Although we covered The Fusang Project already at PAX Prime last year, we’ll go over it again for those just now catching up with the game.



Within the Chinese village of Fusang there are four capturable points guarded by massive Anima Giants as well as plenty of minions, walls, and anything the controlling faction throws in your way to prevent your capture of the base. Each faction is limited to how many they can have inside the Warzone at one time so zerging won’t be an issue… unless of course you create a temporary alliance with the other team to take out your opponent.



Also vital in the Fusang Project are the anima wells placed on the perimeter of each capture point. These provide a much closer respawn point for your team while you control them, providing your offensive attack a steady flow of reinforcements while also countering any turtle tactics the defending team might use because they will need to push you back to get you out of the anima well.



Those who fight for their faction will receive tokens you can trade in for goods. Also if you manage to capture one of the points you will provide a temporary buff to everyone in your faction for as long as you can hold onto it. Competition for these buffs will be fierce and the brave soldiers that capture and hold it will likely be lauded as heroes among their alliance.



Anyway that sums up the dev blog on The Secret World’s PvP!

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