The Secret World Reveals Monthly Update Plans and Content Goals

The Secret World Reveals Monthly Update Plans and Content Goals



Funcom is thrilled to announce an ambitious monthly update plan for its recently released modern-day massively multiplayer online game ‘The Secret World’. Every month going forward Funcom will be releasing comprehensive game updates filled to the brim with exciting new content such as storylines, missions, seasonal events, gameplay enhancements and even entire world regions. These updates will serve players new and exciting experiences every month, ensuring there is always something new to discover in ‘The Secret World’.



“The team is excited to be working on expanding The Secret World,” says Senior Producer and Creative Director Ragnar Tørnquist. “We are committing to a very ambitious update schedule, but our goal is, and has always been, to provide our subscribers with new, high-quality content every month.”



‘The Secret World’ launched to great critical acclaim on July 3rd and is the highest rated current PC game on MetaCritic by user score. The number of players is growing quickly and to cope with the increasing traffic, Funcom today had to add a new dimension to the game. One dimension can hold tens of thousands of gamers playing at the same time, and due to the game’s unique single-server technology players can move seamlessly from one dimension to another to play with their friends anywhere and at anytime no matter what dimension they call home.



The first update will be released July 31st and details on what is included in the update will be made available later this week. In his first State of the Game to the community published today, Mr. Tørnquist also revealed a high-level overview of what players can expect further down the line, including:

* Monthly mission packs, including a slew of new investigation missions

* New weapons (including a big one that will cause even bigger explosions!)

* Raids (clue for the first one: The Big Apple will never be the same)

* Expanded character customization, including plastic surgery

* A player vs. player dungeon set in an entirely new geographical area

* Dungeon finder tool to make grouping for dungeons much easier

* Seasonal events such as Halloween and Winter Solstice

* Two large adventure areas including new characters, missions, monsters, lore and more

* More social gameplay will be added to the London hub

* Combat will be enhanced significantly both visually and mechanically

* And much, much more!



‘The Secret World’ has been recognized widely for its new take on the MMO formula. Not only is it set in a unique modern-day setting, the game completely does away with confinements such as classes and levels. Storytelling is also taken to a whole new level and the game introduces engaging missions unlike anything seen before in MMOs. Public interest in the game has been formidable with 1.5 million gamers all over the world registered to beta test‘The Secret World’, breaking all previous Funcom records.

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