The Seventh Server Released in Tales of Pirates

More and more players have joined Tales of Pirates since its beta test. We are really much heartened by this. It also stimulates us to make further development of the game. However, as more players join TOP, the population stress becomes heavier. Thus, in order to relieve population stress and offer better service as well as invite more new players to join TOP, we have decided to release a new TOP server named Gem Isle on 4:00 a.m., Jun 13th!. Welcome to the upcoming new TOP server! Enjoy the game!
As celebration for the launching of Gem Isle, we now have confirmed two exciting activities here:
Lucky Swift Feet
According to the order the players enter the server, the No.1, No.100, No.200, No.300, No.400, No.500, No600, No.700, No.800 No.900 and No.1000 players will be luckily rewarded 5 million TOP coins by us.
Leveling Competition:
Players who reach the highest level by EST 05:00 a.m., June, 24th will be announced as Leveling Heroes–and this time, there will be 25 heroes in total!

The First Prize (one in total): a suit of pirate dress plus 5 million coins
The Second Prize (three in total): a suit of pirate dress plus 3 million coins for each
The Third Prize (five in total): a suit of pirate dress plus 1 million coins for each
Honorable Mention: (sixteen in total): 500 thousand coins for each

We have been working hard all the time!

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