The Shadow of Legend Mining Field

Crafting gear is already hard enough as it is. First, you have to obtain the tools to collect material. Second, you have to collect the materials to make the gear. Third, you have to find the appropriate NPC to compound your material. Crafting gear is a long and tedious process, and it is especially worse for high level players! Fortunately, we’re adding something that should make the process of crafting gear fun and worthwhile: the Mining Field.

The Mining Field is an area full of dangerous monsters and abundant in materials. Some examples of the materials you can find there are: gold, fossils, Arenturine, Imbuia, Camphor and Steel Trees. You can obtain cloth and leather by killing the roaming beasts.


1. Find the Mining Field Teleport Officer NPC (428, 1586) in the Ancient Relic Harbor.

2. Speak to the NPC to be transported to the Mining Field.

NOTE: Be warned. The monsters roaming the Mining Field are exceptionally strong, and it is recommended that you don’t risk visiting until you reach level 50 or above.

Good luck with collecting your materials!

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