-The Sky of the History

The Sky of the History
(Episode one)
We all experienced the 1st and 2nd Age of Armor Close Beta Test. What kind of things impressed us most? Which battle is still a nightmare whirling in the minds? Now it’s the time to write something down, those wars should not be forgotten, only those who endured the wars can they record the true history of the war with their blood, honor, and their armors.

“Men are born to be equal”, no matter he is black or white, no matter he is a nature human or a neo human or an enhanced human, they are equal to each other, and they are free for freedom, it is not because that they are born in the Earth or the Mars, But because they were once brothers and sisters, they all have the right to enjoy the happiness of freedom, however, there are always someone that want war, want chaos, and they ignited people’s wrath between the Earth and the Mars, thus the inter planet war starts, endless massacre destroyed many families. For the sake of freedom, for the sake of happiness, we have lost many relatives, friends and comrades, we will not forget them forever, and we should have their stories passing by for our decedents. Remember those wars and those warriors, for they had brought us the temporary peace, Even the war continues, the history should not be forgotten!

Age of Armor First story telling competition now starts, we provide, you decide, write down the wonderful experience of Age of Armor and post them in our Forums, the most popular stories will win the author a gift in the open test of Age of Armor, and the stories will be posted on the official site.
Start Time: Sept 12th
End Time: Oct 8th

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