The story line of Elf Online

Legend of Elf Online version

The background story of Elf Online ( stems from the creation of dreamland. Long ago, god created the dreamland and left it be managed by Imaginary Goddess and King of Darkness, the intending masters of dreamland.
To build the dreamland a simple, free, harmonious and blissful world, they fabricated a myriad of miscellaneous creatures in the former “sand plate” and lived together vividly with them. However, as merely the two undergraduates of Holy College, the rift between Imaginary Goddess and King of Darkness was widening inevitably with the time flying. The peace of dreamland corrupted.
God was disappointed by the collision between Imaginary Goddess and King of Darkness and perished the expectation to dreamland. Meanwhile, this incident spread fast among the students of Holy College. Their opinions varied. Even some former friends of these two peacebreakers incarnated as alien adventurers to help save the dreamland stealthily, but for their weak power in being, peace could only been maintained temporarily, what still come is the eternal confrontation…
Or so says the legend. The adventure in Elf Online just strides its first step.

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