The TLBB Winter Legends Come Alive!!


The TLBB Winter Legends Come Alive!!
Ti?n Lòng B? Bù (better known in the Western community as MMO TLBB Europe, or internationally as Dragon Oath) derives its name from the widely recognised Chinese novel, of the same title, by Jin Yong – one of China’s most successful writers, author of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. So successful, the eggheads over at ChangYou (EU) couldn’t resist but turn this epic adventure into what is now one of the Far East’s most successful role-playing games ever released.
Snowman Welcomes to TLBB Europe
A formula consisting of fantastic storylines and a journey that’s unique to each individual, TLBB delivers a mixture of ancient culture, mystery and, well, martial arts of course… Let’s not leave that out!
‘9 Classes, Infinite Possibilities’ spells out a game that offers the player the chance to learn 1 out of 9 exceptional and well thought out fighting skills including Shaolin style, Beggars Alliance and Taoist to name just a few.
Snow over Luo Yang City
Special TLBB Europe Christmas Events
Join TLBB and the European team this Christmas to find out just how you can fight a giant snowman in the middle of a Chinese city and gain an abundance of amazing items for your inventory. Increase your XP with a one off version of the ever popular ‘Chess’ game and enjoy the panoramic view of Luo Yang’s snow covered city – A never seen before event. 
Play Snowman Chess
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