The Unique Music Background in GodsWar and Soundtrack Samples #1

The importance of background music in games cannot be ignored. They set the tone for scenes and can provide a sense of emotion that enhances realism. The music for Gods War online ( has been chosen carefully and was done in a lovely Greek style to compliment the contents of the game. With the rich background music playing while you are immersed in the game you can enjoy gameplay to the fullest.

There is a variety of background music in Gods War online. Soft, classical, romantic and passionate…… Each melody features its own unique charms, with the background music changing automatically to match the gameplay in the scenes.

The following are the series of background music:

Capital of business;
Equipped, stay, set out;
Jungle conjuncture;
Flourish bustling
Aegean Sea in the distance
Grief over tragedy;
Oracle, the nether world mad fete, Cynthia, gold apple…

Here for your listening pleasure are some samples to prepare you for GodsWar Online:

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