The Warlords: 7-day Medallion Event

Attention! From July 3 to August 3, all players will be able to receive a 7-day Medallion. Don’t forget to log into the game to get it. As for the new players, hurry up to register a new account to gain this amazing prize. We welcome to join in Warlords, and have fun.
Functions of Medallion:
1. Obtain bonus Exp while you are online
2. Meditation when you are offline
3. Obtain 20% more Exp when slaying monsters
4. On the Spot Revival
5. 70% discount to purchase items from stores
6. Obtain 30% more silver when sell item to the store
7. No penalty when killed by players without medallion. Curse the player who kills you.
8. Penalty will be lighten when you are wanted (red name, purple name and black name) and killed.
9. Claim a Rider’s Return for free
10. 100% more experience obtained during Fury.

The Warlords

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